Lando Gigolo (Feat. Rodney Barnes)

May 25, 201926 minutes

Award-winning author from #Marvel, #AmericanGods, and more, Rodney Barnes, joins the panel for improv games and tips for the #WritingCommunity. This week, we played Great Debates, with quick changes: Atlantis vs. Asgard, Blind Author Interview, and told the original story of Lando becoming a gigolo to pay the bills.

No matter what happens, you'll never guess #WhatHappensNext

Wolverine: Back to School (Feat. Paul Jenkins)

May 11, 201939 minutes

Paul Jenkins joins #WHN to tell the story of Wolverine Goes to School

The Founding Flash

Apr 26, 201937 minutes

The Flash Travels Back in Time to See the Declaration of Independence Be Signed

Judge Judy Rules the JLA

Mar 25, 201946 minutes

Judge Judy Renders the Verdict in Batman's Cross-Dressing Case

Wonder Woman V Batman on Judge Judy

Mar 23, 201942 minutes

Judge Judy hears the case of Wonder Woman vs. Batman


Mar 18, 201945 minutes

Rocket's Arena Death Match takes him to the main event of Wrestlemania

Rocket Raccoon's Arena Deathmatch!

Mar 16, 201937 minutes

The Collector traps Rocket Raccoon in an Arena Death Match

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