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J. Paul Schiek is a guest on What Happens Next: #VS

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Knights vs. Samurai

Jun 24, 201934 minutes

Jay Sandlin's #WhatHappensNext: Professional #Writers play comedy #Improv games based on #comicbooks, while offering tips for the #WritingCommunity.

In this episode, writer, J. Paul Schiek talks his new comic from Ashcan Press, Hush Ronin. The panel plays:

  1. ABC Game- Samurai vs. Knights
  2. Mighty, Mighty Oracle
  3. WhatHappensNext: Deadpool the Samurai!

Remember, everything we saw is a first draft and the parsecs don't matter. The only rule, is you'll never guess #WhatHappensNext!


World's Worst Gwary

Jun 17, 201944 minutes

The Panel Creates the World's Worst Superpowers, while Jay things in his Mouth

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